Fuck you very much 
23. Mars 2013 - Anný

Fuck you very much er ein av feitastu bloggum eg langi havi sæð, tað er so simpult, á ein góðan máta. 
Hetta er tað tey skriva um seg sjálvan
fuckyouverymuch.dk is founded by two Danes in the last half of our twenties – both restless and both in love with telling stories, using words and creating ideas. Besides blogging at fuckyouverymuch.dk they work as creatives in the field of  strategic communication and journalism.

Sine works with communication and advertising. She practices swing dance, hates to cook but loves to eat. She is interested in American culture and believes in a feminist revolution. Pink lipstick is often seen on her lips, Elvis is her secret crush and if she could she would move to United States in an instant.
Kristoffer works with journalism and digital publishing. He likes magazines, the internet and to travel (especially during the Danish winter). He rides his bike everywhere and cares a lot for music. Whenever it’s possible he leaves the city only to miss it after a few hours.

Tit burdu fari og tjekka hann HER !

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