6.NOV.13 - Anný

Something like a snake 

Eg hugdi aftur og fram eftir smáðum sjónbondum á vimeo, eg kom fram á Roxanne Gatt. Eg var beinavegin hugbundin inn í hennars heim, serliga í animatiónini "Someting like a snake". 

This animation approaches the theme of the human condition from the perspective of cultural posthumanism, a stance which is critical of the notion of ‘human nature’ and which challenges the idea of an inherent universal condition. By playing the ultimate language game (Wittgenstein, 1953) the work is able to explore alternative realities, whereby the power of language as a decoder is undermined leaving exposed the ways in which our human behavior and experience is culturally constructed, just like a language. 
- Roxanne

Hesar myndinar eru frá hennars seinastu sýning fyri Diesel Reboot, har dentur var lagdur á digital list. 

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  1. I just found this blog and this is amazing :) holy donkey ballz cant hadle this